Saturday, 23 February 2013

Todays the day

After weeks of wishing I knew how to start blogging, I finally decided the only way to learn was to just go for it.  So as this my first blog, I have no doubt it will be the most daunting.  I have discovered a few fellow diet bloggers ( hate using the word diet) sorry, correction, a few fellow heatlhy eating bloggers, since I took the bold decision to slim down solo.  That is without help and support from slimming clubs.  I made this decision as I seem to have spent my entire life since my teens, joining various slimming clubs.  I was only successful once - 5 stones lost and that was 23 years ago.  Since then it has been a constant on/off affair.  What if I could use all previous knowledge of how this works?, I would save money and time. There is a but, however, I knew I would miss the friends you invariably make.  Then I discovered facebook support sites, with recipes and support, and more cyber friends than you could ever imagine.  You are transported into their world and you feel slightly guilty that you are avidly waiting with bated breath for their next blog.  You discover you know them but have never met them.  I wonder if they have any idea how much inspiration is given.  You will hear a lot about Sean, my husband and our two Airedales.  The Airedales, Molly and Paddy are my body magic.    The best blogs for me are the ones which show photos of every meal taken.  From these I have learned a lot about food and portion control.  So I intend to use them also, maybe someone will see them and give them an idea of  "What can I have to eat today?"
First meal of the day, frylight bacon, mushrooms, beans and two eggs...very filling.
Daily Body magic done with Paddy and Molly, 40 minute walk down by the river.  Thoughts and chatter about how I will manage blogging..
First photo successfully done.
in order to test various network blog thingies, I have to end day one here and will redo later.
Oh my head hurts!!