Friday, 23 August 2013

Caught the bus a week earlier

Regular bloggers and readers of blogs will know that I had a scare with Sean who was in hospital early July to have a small tumour removed.  At one point it seemed he would struggle to make it and I was never so scared. Made worse as he was on a ventilator and under anaesthetic to keep him 'under'
for days.  Happily he is recuperating steadily and now on the mend.  The tumour had been a cancer in early stages and was totally excised.  Phew!!  Many thanks to all my FB buddies who gave such encouraging and lovely comments when he was ill.  It helped so much.
We were able to take our caravan out to Norfolk for a week, but he struggled with towing it, (no way could I tow it!) so we decided to leave it on the pretty site we use near Holt.  We can now just go whenever we want.  Seemed so strange leaving it there. And so......

I had all good intentions of kick starting my healthy eating plan next Wednesday.  I have a dinner party on Saturday with a lovely couple me and Sean met during our regular dog walks by the River Trent. Bank holiday Monday, planned BBQ today, so I figured on getting all this out of the way. 
I had received a letter from our local GP saying my thyroid function check was due and my blood pressure had to be checked.  Yesterday I decided to check my BP at home as I bought a machine thingy last February when high BP was first diagnosed.  The last time I checked was May and it was normal, I noted my weight was 13st 7lbs too.  My BP was sky high.  Strange as I always take the prescribed medication.  Time to dig out the scales from under my sideboard. (Ashamed to say they were dusty from lack of use) I had put on 7lbs.  Which is not bad considering I have not been on any kind of plan.  I think I have got off light in view of some who gain dramatically.  In their defence I would say weight gain over a week or two is usually fluid and should come off easily.  Mine is no doubt fat (trousers/skirts are tighter)

No photos yet as I hadn't planned a blog until this morning.

Breakfast - missed. Shock of v.high BP put paid to that. A visit to the nurse confirmed it was sky high. A visit to GP on Tuesday should hopefully get it back under control.

Lunch - Two soft boiled eggs and one slice of bread (from 400g loaf)

Chicken thighs in Cajun spices had been planned. So I did the honourable thing and removed the skin, and spray lighted them and baked in the oven. In a separate cast iron dish I fried frozen diced onion with a few peas and frozen coriander.  Then just mixed it all together.  I can see now I should have added superfree to this.   I have a way to go to be back on this plan totally I reckon.  Minted yogurt on the side.  It is so easy to forget just how tasty healthier food can be.

I can see that today's food was not too bad considering what it has been like.
I need to really consider removing alcohol once more if I really want to lose weight.

I would hope to blog as often as possible, it seems to help when it is written down.

Love Carol xxx

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