Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I simply do not get it or get me!

Fact of the matter is I do not understand how a healthy eating plan (lets call if that) works , neither do I understand how I work. 
"I simply do not get it", then I recall back in the late 60's when our English teacher drilled into us, how you should never use the word "get" into any sentence ever. "There is no such verb as "Got!""  Lesson learnt and remembered. 
On 7th May I was 13st 7lb and this morning I am 13st 9 1/4lbs.  A gain of 2 1/4lbs.  I read blogs every day and comments from other SW friendly FB sites.  I see ladies gain many pounds after a few slip ups.  So this is where I do not get it.  I have had umpteen glasses of wine every day (not good I know), not a single yoghurt, melon, kiwi fruit. Hard to comprehend so I am going to attempt to list my eating yesterday - which is fairly indicative of the past 2 months.

Breakfast - nothing.
2 cups of coffee - semi skimmed milk

Lunch - 1/3rd of a large pork pie, cooked in frying pan with water two oxo beef cubes. (Odd I know but it softens up the pastry and heats it through) 1/3rd can baked beans.
Two slices of toast buttered (Lurpak light)

Dinner - Homemade lasagna, made with 1lb ex lean mince, Dolmio onion and garlic pasta sauce, homemade white sauce (milk, 1 hpd tbsp butter, 1 hpd tbsp plain flour, 1.5pts milk, nutmeg) Salad and 2 tbps ex.lite mayo.

Dessert - 1/2 banana, few strawberries, 3 tbps Elmea single cream.

Syns - 1/2 bar of Guinness flavour chocolate, 4 mikados.

Wine - 2 x 175mls glasses Sauvignon blanc.

I would say that yesterday was a typical day of eating. No planning, but by writing this down I can see where I could really have turned this into a better way of eating. Maybe the thyroid is under control and working effectively now - its been a few months since I was diagnosed with under active thyroid. This is where I go wrong. Each and every time, year in year out. What I do not seem to grasp is that I could also be 1/2 stone lighter minimum. 

I lie in bed every morning and read FB and emails before I get out of bed.  Each morning after reading Slimmer Bloggers page and fab ladies who inspire us all, I climb out of bed and think "Yes I will start again"  How can I make this morning any different? As I am doing this solo at home, I have the advantage where I don't have to wait until group meeting, I can do it now.  I can weigh in now.
So I have and I have written my blog in the hope it will continue.  However, I am aware that I said so only a few weeks ago and it obviously did not work. What will happen next if I don not get my head around this, is another two months will slip past, just like that !!!!

With no photos of food yesterday (it was hardly jaw dropping food!) I will leave one of me and Sean on the day we were leaving to go and see Rod Stewart. June 1sty this year.  The evening where I felt really confident and confident enough to jump up and down trying to attract Rod's attention.  I did by the way, attract attention,  as the other photos show.   No doubt at all we had eye contact.  If I am ever to be a threat to Penny Lancaster I must keep up the good work,.  (Only joking I wouldn't swap my George Clooney lookalike for anyone - well I think he's a bit George Clooney!)

Quite apprehensive as I write this, as Sean is going to hospital tomorrow to have a small lump removed from his chest - behind windpipe.  Tricky and awkward spot to have one, but it has been decided to try keyhole rather than open surgery. Hope that works, really worried but hopeful it will be removed successfully.  It is a benign lump that has grown v slowly over 5 years. 7mm to 28mm. A petit pois to a small strawberry is how I explained the metric size to my mum!  In any case it has to come out, it can't be left to grow.

Just about to start planning todays food.  I have lean beef out of freezer, so a beef casseroley thingy is on the menu for later.  Salad for lunch, will boil eggs right now!!

Will blog later...

Love Carol xxxx

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