Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tis good to be back

I decided to re-start my plan before I spiral out of control. I noticed that I wasn't buying yoghurts. No quark purchased since 16th May (last blog) I noticed I was buying more bread.  Jacobs Club biscuits had replaced Alpen light.   Breakfast routine was OK, lunch was probably ok too (eg. boiled eggs) Dinner was fine. I weighed every week as before and my last weigh in on Wednesday morning showed a 2lb gain since May 7th.
Q. Where did 2lb gain come from ?
A. Wine.
A few glasses of wine EACH day has become the norm.  This is what I will have difficulty cutting out or down. 

Breakfast  Strawberries, slice of melon, banana and 0% yoghurt Lemon and Lime. No sign of Molly this morning at breakfast time. I think she has forgotten the old routine, as its been a few weeks since I had fruit and yoghurt. She did put in an appearance, but it was too late, I had eaten it all.

Lunch  Tin salmon and salad. Loads of the usual salad ingredients, which are plentiful and tasty at this time of the year.  I just cannot see how some people love salads so much.  I simply do not like them.  I only eat salad as its simple to prepare, but taste wise, it does not do anything for me, never has.  My favourite salad ingredient is beetroot, then cucumber, then spring onions.  Maybe I could concoct a salsa with these ingredients.
Dinner  Boiled gammon, with steamed cauli/broccoli and new potatoes.  I made a small amount of cheese sauce.
Dessert. Eton mess thingy.  Crumbled meringue nest with strawberries and stirred a lemon/lime 0% yoghurt through.

So it looks like I survived the wine o'clock time in this household.  This occurs between 5.30pm and 7pm.  Once I made it to 7pm without a glass of wine, I knew I wouldn't want one after this time.  It seems a struggle at the moment, possibly because I have not been on plan. 
I always knew I had to go like the clappers, to keep to the plan, because summer has always been a diet buster for me.  As soon as the sun shines I want BBQ, wine, cider.  All I know is how much better I feel with 24.5bs off, last summers clothes fit better, some have been recycled as they are too big. I still have 28lbs to lose, so I must keep going. 
HEXA - 250ml semi skimmed milk (for coffee)
HEXB - Terrible to note that its 8pm and I haven't had any!  I didn't realise.
Cheese sauce - 5 ish
meringue nest - 5 (its a biggish one)
Evap milk - 1.5
Total 10.5 syns
Got to shape up a little Carol, I have not been as on the ball as I used to be, namely with Healthy extras.  Been fine with Superfree and Free.  Always a tough day - day one after being off plan.
Hope everyone else is OK.
Love Carol xx


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