Thursday, 16 May 2013


"Time Flies - Enjoy the day" one of my favourite Latin phrases.

I just noticed my last blog was 2nd May. Two weeks ago, so decided to do a quick update.
Lee's back is OK now. We did get to take our caravan to Holbeach so that James and Marie could enjoy a break, 3 nights turning into 4. I don't blame them, the weather was so good.  We went on the Tuesday (arrived15:30) for two nights and ended up staying only one.  Worsening weather - high winds on the Fens towing a 1500kg caravan = a nervous wreck (me!) A caravan site stating Dogs Welcome but in fact they weren't, was an off putter too. So by 09:25 we were rolling out of the park homeward bound.  One huge plus was James and Marie had completely valeted our caravan!!

Weight loss is still on the downward slope. To date it is 26.5lbs lost - one and a half pounds to go to the 2 stone loss marker.
I have been ok'ish, which is not good enough to lose weight. Since the caravan trip, glasses of wine  are creeping into my daily syn allowance.  Not measuring properly, not blogging daily etc. I put a 1/4lb on this week, which is not a good sign. With this in mind I have to come back to the blogging.
I do enjoy it, but as usual clever arse Carol, thought she had this under control.  I know deep down I don't at all.  Dylan's little box of haribo - I have been sneaking them out when no-one is looking.
The glass of wine, is not a 125ml measure - I don't have to get the measure out to know that!
Virgin media broadband has been off for almost a week, so I have been using my dongle which is not as effective.  Excuses over. Camera at the ready, please let me lose 1.5lbs this week. I so want to be two stone lighter.
Great to see so many fellow bloggers doing so well. Some milestones are being smashed! 

Paddy and Molly - have had their first dog grooming session by me.  Not too bad, considering its my first attempt. My BF Marilyn is coming over soon to tidy up the 'corners' as she put it. Sean stood next to the grooming table, keeping them as stress free as possible.  I wish Sean would not keep saying "That's enough now Caz, they'll be ok at that!"  Oh yeah?  I had only done one side of the face.  Think he was worried when I had the clippers around the more sensitive parts of Paddy and Molly's anatomy. 
One other little totally un-slimming news snippet.  When I was a teenager in the seventies. I was in love with Andy Fairweatherlow.  Lead singer with Amen Corner. (If paradise is half as nice) Sean ribs me about this all the time (probably jealous lol). I sneaked a look on google, found he has a website with tour dates.  AND...tada....he is appearing at our local village hall in November.  Sean thought this was hilarious.  He would !! his favourite bands being the type who pack out all the Arena's, Wembley's etc.  Pink Floyd, The Who, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Rolling Stones.
So whats on my food plan today - well, as at this precise moment - Nada-nothing-rien..Great start Carol. Get your sodding head in gear and PLAN!!!

Love Carol xx

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