Thursday, 2 May 2013

No wavering on weigh day!

It is a strange feeling on weigh in day.   If any day I feel tempted to stray, it's this one.  Thankfully and I don't know why, I don't do it.  I think I do not want to start a trend, so keep away from those thoughts. Years ago, I ran a successful slimming club and members admitted that their treat was the chippie.  I had asked them if anyone sneaked off after class to the chippie.  I was staggered so many did.  They were laughing their heads off.  Then I said, "You know it's not funny really, I used to do that for years after slimming class - I never lost the weight. It's only when I stopped it that I got to target"  I fear if I go down that route I won't get back on. Perhaps as my confidence grows with the plan, I will have a treat now and again.  That's the beauty of reaching target, that's what is driving me.
I have 3 3/4 lbs to go to my 2 stone.  (my scales have quarter pounds!)  It seems slow progress this time,  but as Karen M says, 'look not at where you want to be, rather where you started! '
We can blame anything for slowing weight losses, regular readers here know my thoughts on this.  However, a casual comment from my hairdresser (who is a SW member and doing well) last time I visited her, "Did you know how many calories are in mug shots?" I didn't, but when she told me I was staggered.  Guess how many I have had since I left her salon?  Now the same applies to Pasta and Sauce for me. They are going to have the same treatment.  The whole point here is I think we never stop learning, we never stop thought processes, we are continually looking for new ideas, new recipes.  Which brings me to my cake I baked today.
I had a couple of packets of scan bran, well one scan the other oat bran.  Years ago I did a cake, so I searched for one and found Cherry Bakewell. It seemed simple to do, soaking 5 scan bran till softened, add two eggs, 3T sweetener, 2 capfuls almond essence, carton 0% activia cherry yoghurt, mix well, pour into cake tin (loaf tin for me) bake 180 deg 30-40 mins.  The aroma was definitely cherry bakewell. . So I carefully cut it in half lengthwise.  Mixed half tub quark and another yoghurt - cherry again. Spread it in the middle and on top. You can read the verdict at the end when I get to the dessert bit. lol..

Breakfast - same, fruit pineapple, raspberries defrosted, 0% cherry yoghurt (just realised that's three I used today) although only eaten one whole one - the other in the dream cake factory, as I ate a quarter of the cake, that is another 1/2 tub, so not too bad.

Lunch - Sean said,"You fancy beans on toast Caz?", I said yes that would be fine, then..."Oh you see to yours I am having 2 eggs and mushrooms with mine"  If I had said yes I know it would not have filled me up, but the eggs and mushrooms did.  Looking back I should have had tomatoes as they are superfree, beans aren't.  I do try and make sure we all eat the same as far as possible, but the men here are not as keen on canned toms as me, so I sometimes get fed up of all the extra pans and food not getting used up. there's some" Moshi shape pasta "in it too (Dylans)

Dinner - Sean made one of my favourite meals.  Meatballs using Parmesan in a chili tomato sauce.
We had it with pasta.  I said "Do extra pasta, so I can have it for lunch Thursday"  So we have some left over, actually there are enough meatballs too.  A pound of mince made 18 meatballs and six were left.  So we must have had six each.  That to me is acceptable as three each for lunch Thursday.

Dessert - Ta dah !!!  The verdict on my quarter of Cherry Bakewell.  Too much almond essence (I will use one capful next time) Replace cherry yoghurt with vanilla for the topping and filling.

Points for taste 6/10 (too much almond)
Points for presentation 3/10 (not exactly Donna  Roper (aren't her presentations marvellous))

Sean is yet to try it, a bit fell off he said it tasted nice, but he had an apple strudel.  Sean has lost almost 3 stone so he can afford to relax it slightly.  He only needs to lose another stone and he's done!  I still need to lose a fair bit.

Hex A - Parmesan in meatballs + coffee milk
Hex B - Scan bran

White thick slice Bread -5
Hot choc orange - 2
8 mikados - 4
brown sauce - 1

Syns total = 12

Aakela noted I perhaps do not have enough syns sometimes..Thank you for noticing this.
It is such a help when comments are made, its so much better than bowling along in oblivion.  As I am doing this home alone, I can only draw on past SW knowledge, (I kept all books etc) and the lovely ladies on FB.

Lee has slightly improved, I saw him almost straighten up.  A doctor called him, I could hear only Lee's side of the conversation.  It was clear he was getting nowhere, I could hear him say, "Well just leave it you obviously can't help me, you won't prescribe stronger painkillers even though I am telling you I am not sleeping due to pain, I cannot sit, I cannot come to the surgery, just leave it!"  If I hadn't been wandering around upstairs, in bra and pants (I was getting changed to go shopping !)I would have grabbed the bloody phone and given him what for.  Anyway whether he touched the GP conscience or not, he rang two hours later and said, "I am writing a prescription for Amitrip something, can someone collect it"  If one of my dogs was in this much pain, you know what, by now they would have been x'rayed, scanned, treated, perhaps even a home visit.  I know what I am coming back as !

Love Carol xx

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