Thursday, 2 May 2013

Non Scale Victories, Dogs and Food

Non scale victories.  I had never heard that expression until recently. Once weight starts to come off regularly, it soon becomes clear that physically you can start to see the difference.  In my case although I still have 4lbs to my 2 stone award.  Clothes fit now.  I am wearing the same clothes and they fit better. I have only ditched a pair of croppers that I tried on as the weather started to get warmer, they almost fell off and looked stupid. After dog walk today I changed into croppers and vest. Same vests as I had on last summer.  I know they hang better as they aren't cutting me in half.  I hope to go in the attic soon to get down 2 blacks sacks I put up there in the autumn with summer clothes that would no way fit me.  As they still had tags on I decided to hang onto them. Thank God.!!  Not like me to do this, normally I would throw in the charity shop bag, but something told me I could not go through another summer like the last.  Bursting out of my clothes, huffing and puffing, sweating profusely.  Last year I struggled down to a beach in Norfolk, we had the Airedales, and a picnic.  It was sweltering, so I wore a white ra-ra skirt with white vest, white sandals.  The beach was stony and packed.  My ankle went over on a stone, and down I went.  Nothing was hurt (apart from my pride)  Once I had reached the sanctuary of a big space, I looked at knees and I hadn't half grazed them!  I said to Sean, "Christ Sean I looked like a beached whale with the skirt billowing around me"  He said," Actually Caz, more like Moby Dick".  We both laughed when he explained that Moby Dick was a WHITE whale. 
So plenty more NSV to look forward to.  No going back.
Airedales do not shed their fur, they do not moult, they grow their fur and require trimming about four times a year.  My best friend is their dog groomer and I get mates rates. £40 the pair.  This is cheap compared to what a grooming parlour would charge.  Both dogs stress terribly during the grooming session, so I decided I would bite the bullet and to save them from further stress, have a go myself.  I already have the grooming table and overhead arm.  Marilyn (my BF) long term loaned me her spare pair of clippers, two blades and scissors.  I was all set to go. She offered to stand over me and show me the tricky bits, but I decided to do it this morning, solo.  Paddy was first.  It took me 2 hours and the first attempt is perfectly acceptable.  I panicked around his nether regions and went a bit short on his rump, but he was less stressed. So that made me happy. Molly skedaddled when she realised what was going on, but I will save her until the weekend. This took me nicely to lunch time.
So glad we saved the meatballs and pasta, a little side of salad and it was lovely.

Breakfast.  Green grapes, melon and raspberries, with 0% blueberry yoghurt.  Paddy came to see why Molly is forever hanging at breakfast (as you know).  I put this pic on because you will see Paddy before his haircut.

Lunch. Left overs - 3 meatballs and pasta, salad.

Dinner - Gammon with  new potatoes, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower (all steamed) I did a cheese sauce (packet) made with half pint milk.  Decided to do it this way as normally I would use a small amount of butter, tbsp flour then milk and added grated cheese.  I think it is more SW friendly to use the packet route. Forgot to take a photo.

Dessert - the remaining Cherry Bakewell cake, with 2 tbps evap milk (light)

Have syns left so will have my choc drink and mikados later..

Hex A - Parmesan in meatballs + coffee milk
Hex B - Alpen light - will have later

Cheese sauce 1/3rd packet made with semi sk mil - 4
Hot choc orange - 2
8 mikados - 4
2 Tbps light evap milk - 1.5

Syns total = 11.5

Really happy that a few FB friends are putting disappointments well behind them and forging ahead with renewed enthusiasm. What a lovely friendly lot we are! Just wish we all lived closer.

Love Carol xx

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